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Intellectual Property

Trademark registration falls under the scope of Intellectual Property (IP) Law and covers a wide variety of creations, offering protection against unfair competition, which might be riding on the back of your brand success.

In the modern business world, with fast moving media and marketing, your branding is at the forefront of the image your business projects, be you an individual or company. Competition to gain clients or customers in international markets is standard practice especially in specialist fields, but there are laws in place to prevent others infringing your rights by imitation. Your brand is a valuable asset, by protecting your rights, you can potentially add great value to it and preserve your hard earned reputation.

Which Jurisdiction Do You Require?

United Kingdom

Registration is for companies who are not intending on operating outside of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, or the Isle of Man. Kiribati, also has an agreement with the UK for certain trademarks.

European Union

A European Community Trade Mark, which is also known as a CTM, includes registration in 28 Countries in the EU. Offering one of the best value for money options, if you are looking to trade within Europe.

  • UK
  • EU
  • Global


Trademark Registration Internationally, can be very beneficial not only protecting your brand in your areas of operation, but Globally with expansion in mind. Our International IP Trademark Services are not only offered by agents and IP Lawyers in countries which have signed up to the Madrid Protocol and, or the Madrid Agreement, but extend well beyond this scope.

Your Trademark Requirements

Forex Creators can assist with your brand or trademark protection and registration, with a network of experienced professionals, who have specialist knowledge in International Intellectual Property Law, all with well established relationships with International IP registry agents. Offering assistance in strategy and categorisation, in Trademark registration in more than 150 countries.

It is also important to note that registering a Domain or Company Name does not automatically afford you any intellectual property rights or protection.

By registering the rights to your intellectual property, you are given exclusive rights to it in every county within which you register, be it a trademark, a patent or copyright. It is critical that you choose the correct jurisdiction, this should be in the country or countries where you intend to use it.

Trademark Services

  • Search

    Forex Creators, offers a Trademark Search enabling you to ensure that there are no conflicts in the application process by establishing if your Intellectual Property is available to register, prior to application.

  • Registration and Renewal

    Successful Trademark Registration applications rely on exhaustive research and knowing the law. Both here in the United Kingdom and Internationally, Forex Creators, along with our global partners can help you to register or Renew your Trademark.

  • Monitoring

    Your Trademark is your responsibility, there is no international system for automatic notifications for every potential Trademark conflict, even within Europe, this system does not exist. So others might be registering your Trademark in another Jurisdiction without your knowledge.

    With successful monitoring, you are proactive in stopping another brand from obtaining a trademark which might be too similar or the same as your own. If you can stop this at the initial stages, you shall more than likely be saving on many legal fees to try to get them to desist. By that time, the damage to your brand could already be done. There are not many things worse for a company’s reputation, than perceived association.

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