Our Financial Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of financial services aimed at helping you maximise your opportunities in international trade. With our corporate structuring and tax planning, and guidance services, you are given an advantage over your competitors by streamlining your business operations, and setting up investment structures which benefit your business. Forex Creators’s Legal and Accounting Teams provide specialised services tailored to your business needs, all the while ensuring you meet your license regulatory requirements, helping to protect you and your clients.



Our Recruitment and Human Resources Team can assist you in finding the best people for your company structure, within your required projections budget; employees who are skilled and competent in their field and who work to the highest standards. We can help with staff training and development programmes.


Business Consulting Services

Business Immigration Services

Corporate and Tax Structuring

E-Commerce Solutions

Recruitment and Human Resources

Corporate Legal Services

Accounting and Audit

Trademark and Patent Registration

Trusts and Foundations Set-Up

Fund Formation

Additional Fund Services

Closed End Fund

Form a Forex Fund

Hedge Fund Makeover

Professional Mutual Fund

Investment Services

Bank and Financial Institution Licensing

Investment Firms Licensing

Investment Funds Set-Up and Licensing

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Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Services