Samoa Limited Life Company (LLC) Formation

The Independent State of Samoa is an Oceanian country comprised of Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean.

Samoa has long been established as an offshore jurisdiction for company formation.

The Samoan Limited Life Company (LLC) has a limited life of 50 years, however it still provide limited liability to its members. It is a hybrid entity which combines specifics of a partnership and a corporate company structures.

Having many of the benefits of most other offshore companies in other jurisdictions, such as client confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements and the all-important, tax benefits associated with it as well.

Samoa offers a well-regulated offshore financial environment for international investors.

Samoa also formed the International Finance Authority Act 2005 to regulate and promote their offshore financial market.

  • Limited Liability for Member and Managers
  • Tax on revenue is passed on to Members and Managers as income tax
  • The LLC is a separate legal entity
  • Only two Member to incorporate
  • No currency restrictions
  • Reasonable Formation Fees
  • Privacy – Financial information is not public
  • No Auditing or Reporting of Financial Information records
  • No annual returns
  • Migration of domicile permitted
  • International Investment Vehicle
  • Joint Venture Business
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Structuring
  • Professional Groups
  • International Business

A Samoan LLC is restricted from conducting business with residents of Samoa or to own real estate in Samoa. There is also a restriction on conducting business in banking, trusts, insurance or to provide company management services without the appropriate license being granted.

Samoan LLC applications are made to the Register of International and Foreign Companies through a licensed trustee company. The application includes, the Certificate of Incorporation, certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the relevant registration fee.

A names of all Members and Managers, minimum of two, which include physical address, their contact information and certified copies of valid passports These need to be certified by either a Notary Public, Bank or by the issuing country’s Embassy.

Company TypeLimited Life Company (LLC)
Country LawEnglish Common Law
Company Law

International Companies Act 1987

International Trusts Act 1987

The Offshore Banking Act 1987

The International Insurance Act 1988

Registered Office RequiredYes
Local Registered Agent RequiredYes
Shelf Companies PermittedYes
Migration Of DomicileYes
Average Time To Form Company2 to 3 Business Working Days
Government Fees
Minimum Government Formation Charge$300 USD
Recurring Minimum Annual Company License Fee$300 USD
Annual Return Filing FeeNot Applicable
Corporate Tax
Corporation TaxNo - Passed on as Income for Members
Access to Double Taxation TreatiesNo

All Samoan Limited Life Companies and Members which conduct their business activities outside of Samoa and who are not residents are exempt from taxes such as Corporation, Inheritance, Capital Gains and Estate Tax, to name a few.

Minimum RequiredTwo
Local or Qualified MemebersNo
Board Meetings LocationAnywhere in the world
Corporate Members PermittedYes
Privacy- Publicly Available RecordsNo

There is a minimum requirement of Two Members, of which may be the Manager and can be either individuals or corporate bodies of any nationality and resident of any country.

Minimum Required ManagersNone - Can be Managed through Members or multiple Managers
Local Manager RequiredNo
Records PublicNo
Board Meeting LocationAnywhere in the World
Corporate Managers - Directors PermittedYes
Privacy - Publicly Available RecordsNo
Company Accounts
Requirements To PrepareYes
Audit RequiredNo
Keep Financial RecordsNo
Requirement To File AccountsNo
Requirement to File Annual ReturnNo
Accounts Publicly AccessibleNo

All Samoan Limited Life Companies and Members, who do not conduct business in Samoa or are not resident, are exempt from taxes such as Corporation, Inheritance, Capital Gains and Estate Tax, to name a few.

Samoa Facts

Oceanian country encompassing

the western part of the Samoan Islands

in the South Pacific Ocean

SizeApproximate area of 2,842 sq. km
PopulationApproximately 194,320
Languages Spoken

Main and Official Languages:-



CurrencyTala (WST)

Unitary Parliamentary Republic


Main Industries:


Direct Remittances from Samoans Abroad


International Trade




Road - Driving on the Left


Time Zone


Summer (DST) - UTC+14:00

International Dialling Code+685

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