Cook Islands Limited Liability Company (LLC) Formation

The Cook Islands are a group of 15 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean, in Polynesia. The economy is primarily based on tourism and fishing, however, in recent years the offshore industry has been expanding rapidly due progressive legislation, which facilitates the establishment of numerous offshore structures.

The formation of a Cook Islands Limited Liability Company, is a flexible offshore company model, which allows a company to form its structure as it requires. Making it perfect for International Overseas business operations.
By refusing to comply with foreign directives and court orders, the Cook Islands have reinforced its position as an Offshore Financial Center which is secure.

Through a combination of both partnerships and corporate structures, the rights of its member and of the overseas LLC are separated, thereby providing limited liability and protecting the owners from debts incurred by the LLC. A Cook Islands Limited Liability Company together with an International Trust forms the strongest, most secure offshore asset protection currently available in any single jurisdiction.
With continual amendments to their offshore protections laws, The Cook Islands ensure the security of investors and with the LLC structural flexibility and confidentiality, it is a desired offshore location for company formation.

By refusing to comply with foreign directives and court orders, the Cook Islands have reinforced its position as an Offshore Financial Center which is secure.

  • Confidentiality and complete anonymity
  • Asset Protection
  • Single Member LLCs are permitted
  • Transfer of Domicile of existing LLCs
  • Flexibility of Structure
  • No local presence required
  • LLC Members and Managers cannot be held liable for the debts of the company
  • The Cook Islands do not recognise foreign courts
  • Annual filing of accounts are no required
  • Members and Managers are only known by the Trustee Company
  • Members or Managers which are independent of the members can manage the LLC

The Limited Liabilities Companies Act 2008 recognizes members/managers and the LLC as separate legal entities. Any action against a member is not sufficient for any injunctions to be used against the LLC.

There are protective provisions in place such as a two year statute of limitation on fraudulent transfers, a complete bar on claims against a trust that is funded while the settlor is solvent.  Cook Islands does not recognised foreign judgements, however a substantial burden of proof has to be submitted which is beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • Estate Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Tax Structuring
  • Asset Protection – if used together with a Cook Islands International Trust. Most secure asset protection available.
  • Confidentiality of Assets
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • International Business

The Cook Islands Limited Liability Company is restricted from conducting certain business within the Cook Islands, as well as holding or conducting any business in real estate, insurance, or banking without the proper license.

To incorporate an LLC in the Cook Islands, the use of a registered agent acting through a Cook Islands Trustee Company submits all the necessary documents required by the Registrar.


A few of these requirements are the Name of the company to be incorporated, name and address of registered Agent, a physical address, certified copies of valid passports or national ID cards, such as those issued in the European Union. These need to be certified by either a Notary Public, Bank or by the issuing country’s Embassy.

Company TypeLLC
Country LawEnglish Common Law
Company LawLimited Liability Companies Act 2008
Registered Office RequiredNo
Local Registered Agent RequiredYes
Migration Of DomicileYes
Average Time To Form Company3 - 5 Business Working Days
Government Fees
Minimum Government Formation Charge$250 USD
Recurring Minimum Annual Company License Fee$200 USD
Annual Return Filing Fee$200 USD
Corporate Tax
Corporation TaxNo - Passed on as Income for Members
Access to Double Taxation TreatiesNone

All Cook Island Limited Liability Companies are exempt from taxes such as Corporation, Inheritance, Capital Gains and Estate Tax, to name a few.

Minimum RequiredOne
Local or Qualified MemebersNo
Board Meetings LocationAnywhere in the world
Corporate Members PermittedYes
Privacy- Publicly Available RecordsNo

There is a minimum requirement of one Member, of which may be the Manager and can be either individuals or corporate bodies of any nationality and resident of any country.

Minimum Required ManagersNone - Can be Managed through Members or multiple Managers
Local Manager RequiredNo
Records PublicNo
Board Meeting LocationAnywhere in the World
Corporate Managers PermittedYes
Privacy - Publicly Available RecordsNo
Company Accounts
Requirements To PrepareNo
Audit RequiredNo
Keep Financial RecordsNo
Requirement To File AccountsNo
Requirement to File Annual ReturnYes
Accounts Publicly AccessibleNo

A Cook Islands LLC is not subject to taxation.

Cook Island Facts

Island country in the South Pacific Ocean

in free association with New Zealand.

Comprised of 15 Islands

SizeApproximate area of 240 sq. km
PopulationApproximately 14,974
Languages SpokenMain and Official Languages:


Cook Islands Māori

CurrencyNew Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Constitutional Monarchy


Main Industries:



Other income from Taxes on Trusts and Trust Employees



Road - Driving on the Left


Time Zone

Cook Island Time (CKT) UCT-10

International Dialling Code+682

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