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Breaking Financial News for your Forex and Commodity Traders.
Real-time Economic Data and Analysis, Governmental and Central Bank Releases, Macro-Economic Analysis, Forex and Commodity Market Research.
Split Screen and Links to full stories with in depth analysis.

Data Products - API

Economic Data and Economic Signals

Super Low Latency

  • Free Economic Calendar & Headline News if you pay annually
  • Choice of up to four Languages
  • Split view – Toolbar – Low latency economic data
  • Your Own Logo
  • Low cost management
  • Advisable for: Quantitative funds, Futures company, Trading firms, Brokers, Banks, Programming trading, Algorithm trading, High frequency trading.
  • Benefit: Breaking financial information before the market moves

Economic Data and Forex Quotations


  • Choice of up to four languages
  • Advisable for: Financial websites, Broker websites
  • Benefits: Low cost management, No maintenance fee

Tech specifications:

  • Push real-time “News Page, Calendar, Forex Quotation” to your server through API( port.
  • Demo code with detailed API port for your IT to check and refer.
  • The API port provided supports all the main website development languages: PHP, JAVA, .NET, NODE.JS, etc. You can easily receive real-time data and develop this based on your demands.

Source Code Development


For a one-time fee, you are provided with the web source code for “News, Calendar, Forex Quotation” columns saving you the time and cost to organise a Research and Development team yourself. Through this arrangement you can have your own website within 1 hour.

The popular LAMP structure is used as well as, PHP and MYSQL databases. With this you can accumulate technology quickly and easily expand further, based on this.

Website and APP Embedding

A quick easy solution, ideal for Brokerage Firms and Financial Websites, who wish to provide professional Financial Data, Headline News or an Economic Calendar for their clients.

With a low annual cost you can easily add the News Page, Calendar and Forex Quotations, as addition information services.

Increase traffic and raise brand awareness and credibility with your own logo in the embedding URL page.

Saving time and cost by not having to purchase additional data service or spending on Research and Development and ongoing maintenance fees.

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Economic Calendar


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