Forex Regulation Authorisation

Forex Creators’  legal team offer a first class service in the ever-changing, fast paced world of FOREX and Foreign Exchange and with the constantly evolving stringent compliancy standards, internationally, there are no shortcuts to obtaining Broker Licenses.


To ensure that you are working with an experienced and professional team who can guide and support your application, we have the means to assist you with comparing regulatory jurisdictions and offer guidance to you for where would be best to conduct your business from.

Forex Licenses

Many Broker License applications are not straightforward and to excel in your own Brokerage Firm you should have this as a minimum requirement. With Forex Creators’ experienced, local specialist representatives, who have a strong knowledge of legal requirements in your application jurisdiction, we aim to help you obtain the required license in the shortest possible time, with the least delays.


Forex Creators offer full service solutions, which can aid in successful applications, from assisting with the initial planning and structuring of a focused business plan, company formation, bank account opening and then continued support for meeting the particular License’s compliance and audit requirements.


Forex Creators understands the importance of having all your services and products up and running, licensed and compliant, in the fasted possible timeframe. Aiming for the most cost effective solutions for our clients, with smooth transitions for each stage from formation, application, regulation and compliance.