FX Solutions

Forex Creators offer a wide range of solutions, to help you Start, Grow and Develop your business aimed at mainly financial services, we also cover those industries not in the financial sector.

Established businesses, identify what is holding you back from increased profitability and work flow efficiency or recognise potential investment and expansion opportunities.

Tax Consultancy and Optimisation

Through our international team of local tax agents and global partners, we offer comprehensive tax consultancy and optimisation solutions. Helping you to fully understand double taxation treaties, investment structures and cross border financing implications and local regulation compliance.

Money Transfer Consulting

Offering consulting for online money transfer / remittance solutions and helping you to establish contacts with banks and money transmitters. Finding you solutions for the most cost-effective method for your needs and developing a compliance program to maintain compliance.

IT Infrastructure

Our team can offer bespoke IT Infrastructure solutions, helping to reduce risk and improve performance. They can also advise on how to improve your current infrastructure.in the most cost effective manner and on ease of transition, with the least interruption.

IS Audit

Establish if best practice is followed, concerning the integrity of your stored data, operational and transaction processes, and the recording of transactions and communications are in line with licensing regulations.

Merchant Solutions

Our Merchant Service options ensure you have a secure payment processing system, fully integrated and with the most competitive fees.